Abstract yellow

Hey girls!
Here I am with a Nail Art abstract yellow and black. I confess that I am quite happy with me, i love it! Lol And then, in addition my fingernails are beginning to resume of the length! I am anxious that they are of new long as before! For the curious, I invite you to come and have a look here . Go! Now place the negatives!
 Funny the small banana?! Lol I forgot to mention that i am French but I live in Guadeloupe.
Hardware Used:
Black acrylic paint at low prices
White acrylic paint Oumaxi
Nail polish Slick no.40 Glisten in the Sun
Nail polish Clear’s Lemon
Fan brush
Fine Brush
Dotting Tool
1/ To the white paint draw lines with the fan brush from the left of the fingernail to the right, and then to the right side of the fingernail to the left.
2/ Do the same with the yellow varnish clear’s (or other).
3/ And Then with the slick (or other) which, to him, will bring a touch of brilliance.
4/ Then draw the pattern black depending on its envy.
5/ Do points to the dotting tool here and there …
6/ Top Coat.
*** Soon the VIDEO ***
I hope that you will have more as much as i did 🙂
Kisses and Hugs!


I am Tithy, a big fan of Nail Art, it is going to soon be 2 years that I practice. I still have a lot of things to learn and therefore that is why I decided to create this second blog. I say second because I am French and I already have one in my mother tongue, but by doing another in english i hope to make new knowledge sharing my passion.