Green flowers

For the Nail Art of varnish Yes Love this yesterday, I was tempted to flower but while remaining in the tones, therefore I’ve made apple green.
Material Used:
Basis: Yes Love Magnetic no4
Kleancolor 103 TLC
Magnet Magnetix II of China Glaze
Fan brush
Dotting Tool
1/ After you apply the varnish, put the magnet on to a few millimeters of the fingernail. Wait a few seconds.
2/ Draw the 3 petals of the flower.
3/ The fill in thin flakes.
4/ Do points to the dotting tool between the petals.
5/ Top Coat.
*** Soon the VIDEO ***
It will have to wait for a few days before that i wouldn’t be able to publish them because I’ve not filmed while i was doing the Nail Art, therefore I expect to have to nail the new bare for the make.
In the hope that you love them! Kisses and Hugs!