Nail Art “As an area of Christmas” [Hands and Feet]


I give you a 2 in 1 today because as you will see, the photos aren’t great because of the lack of light …

These two awards, one in my hands and my feet on the other, announcing the approach of Christmas! ^ ^


  P1040834 P1040835 P1040836 P1040837P1040831
This is the only successful photo light side …
As a bonus, a few toes of my eldest came and encrust, hoping to steal the show! lol
Here I hope you will still rained ….
See you soon!

Green Flowers video

Here is the video of nail art presented HERE. It’s quite short, I hope you enjoy it despite the quality is poor …
Do not pay attention to other nails, I was preparing another decoration.
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Green flowers

For the Nail Art of varnish Yes Love this yesterday, I was tempted to flower but while remaining in the tones, therefore I’ve made apple green.
Material Used:
Basis: Yes Love Magnetic no4
Kleancolor 103 TLC
Magnet Magnetix II of China Glaze
Fan brush
Dotting Tool
1/ After you apply the varnish, put the magnet on to a few millimeters of the fingernail. Wait a few seconds.
2/ Draw the 3 petals of the flower.
3/ The fill in thin flakes.
4/ Do points to the dotting tool between the petals.
5/ Top Coat.
*** Soon the VIDEO ***
It will have to wait for a few days before that i wouldn’t be able to publish them because I’ve not filmed while i was doing the Nail Art, therefore I expect to have to nail the new bare for the make.
In the hope that you love them! Kisses and Hugs!

Swatch Yes Love n°4 Magnetic

Hello girls!
A swatch a few exceptional for me because I’ve tested a magnetic varnish for the first time! At the base I wasn’t even aware that he was! It’s a varnish won in a contest. When I started to apply it, I said to myself: “My God that it’s thick!” Then I a little more closely looked at the bottle and I believed to see like a species of magnet on the stopper, once more Google was there to answer my question. With the second layer I’ve put the magnet China Glaze which I acquired there’s little and which I hadn’t used yet, and here is the result:
I don’t hide it to you, at the beginning I’ve a little galley to use the magnet, then after that went a little better. Then this small jewels is opaque into 1 thick layer (or 2 fines for the addicts with the 2nd layer like me!), it dries quickly and has an application which I found rather average, since it’s a little too thick with my taste (after I don’t know if all the magnetic ones are as that considering it’s my first test…). Its enamelled is sublime, the photographs are taken without Top Coat as usual!
Tomorrow to its decoration! Big kisses and good day!

[Feet] Smart Green or Small flowers

Hello girls!
Attention, pedicure! LOL
And it begins to suite with that of my mother:
And here is mine:
To make my flowers on the other toes I have a bit of a chore, moreover it’s a lot that look like nothing!
So much for today! ^^
Kisses and Hugs!

Drive out with the treasure

It’s still me!
Yesterday evening while surfing on various blogs, I stumbled on a gold mine containing one thousand and one wonders! I fell in love with several of these jewelry but, and yes there is a big BUT … these are the brands i don’t know of any and I don’t know where they can find … I asked the blogger in question but, (and yes still one … ) she’s Russian and i don’t know if Google translation has done a good job, so here goes …
Then here the links if:
Keep me informed!
EDICT: For the varnish Aurelia it’s indeed a Russian mark which unfortunately is findable only on their shops which don’t deliver in the whole world…

Video: Abstract Yellow

Today, I published my first tutorial french/english. I had already made several that in French that you can find HERE. If you want that i translated into, do not hesitate to ask.
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Good day!